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Fence.Cloud was developed to handle everything you need for your day-to-day operations: fence estimating, shop drawings, lead tracking, project management, file storage, image markup and document creation. Fence.Cloud reduces, or even eliminates, the need for multiple pieces of software.


Produce an accurate material breakdown within minutes and eliminate costly mistakes.

Shop Drawings

Generate high quality Chain Link shop drawings for your estimates and wow your customers.


Organize your team with multi-layer calendars that can be accessed from anywhere you have internet.

Documents & Reports

Auto-filled and customizable contracts, packing lists, labor worksheets, itemized estimates, fabricated gate cut sheets, work orders, foreman reports, etc.

File Storage

Stay organized. Upload estimate specific and company wide documents so that your team always has the documents that they need within easy reach.

Image Markup

Markup images generated by Fence.Cloud or one uploaded for an estimate. Markup the image to enhance communication with your team and your clients.

CRM Capabilities

Master client relationships with advanced CRM searches, activity logs, and contact libraries.

Workflow Visualization

Stop wondering what a client needs. Fence.Cloud provides customizable workflows so you'll always know what a client needs next.

Photo Galleries

Build galleries as you upload photos for completed installations. Quickly customize your gallery for prospective clients based on filters.

See for Yourself

Take your first glance into the 3rd generation of estimating by Software Design Associates!

Reap the Benefits

Fence.Cloud combines all of your fence company needs into one convenient platform.

Win the Right Jobs

Having the right tools makes it easier to project a professioanl image and gives you the confidence to pursue jobs with higher profit margins. With Fence.Cloud you'll be ready to seal the deal when it counts.

Save Money

Stop paying for mutiple pieces of software that really only meet 20% of your needs. Start managing your entire process within one platform customized to meet all of your needs.

Take Back Your Time

An accurate material breakdown is important, but it shouldn't take you an hour to produce one. Fence.Cloud will save you hours on estimating, sketches, and shop drawings.

Stop Duplicating

No one likes typing. With all of your leads, jobs, estimates, activity logs, notes, financials, appointments, and files in one system, you can skip the data duplication.

Grow Your Business

Fence.Cloud allows you to easily scale your business with powerful estimating templates that enable new employees to accurately estimate on their first day. New accounts can esily be added to company profiles within minutes.

Reduce the Commute

Since Fence.Cloud is cloud-based you can work from anywhere that you have internet access, on any device. Whether you're in the office or in the field, you can check the status of your job, upload new information to an estimate, or generate new documents.


Reduce tedious tasks with auto-generated leads, documents, job sketches, and shop drawings.

Stay Organized

Search for anything within the Fence.Cloud database: files, contacts, estimates, notes, even image markups. Upload files directly to an estimate for safekeeping, or make them available for the entire company. Link events to leads and jobs for a quick frame of reference.

Our History

Software Design Associates has been serving the fence industry since the early 80's. In the spring of 1981, John O'Brien started an estimating program on an Apple 2.0 computer for Grand Fence in Billings, Montana. This program eventually developed into 'The Computer Fencing System', more commonly known as CFS. For the next 30 years, CFS continued to grow in size and popularity. Moving from the Apple computer to DOS and eventually to Windows. John and his long-term associate Ray Pearson expanded their clientelle from America to Canada and even to far-reaching places like Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Both of their children, Jenny and Colter, became programmers for Software Design Associates and have helped to maintain and expand CFS.

Over time, our team and our customers began envisioning a more powerful, more accessible, and more flexible version of CFS. And after years of careful planning, Fence.Cloud began to emerge as the next generation of our fencing software. With the same high standards for fence industry estimating and quality shop drawings, Fence.Cloud embodies the best aspects of CFS, while also taking into account the new needs of a modern fence company. We are proud to introduce you to the future of fence industry software!


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