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Fence Cloud is built to serve the fence industry. We want to make sure that everyone in the fence industry is included. No matter how big or small your supply company is we'd like to help you serve your customers.

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Over the past forty years in the fence industry, we have seen suppliers benefit from their relationship with our traditional estimating software (CFS). We would like to extend this opportunity to all suppliers and distributors serving fence professionals. To ensure easy estimation of your materials, our data specialists will configure your catalog for Fence Cloud and make it readily available for Fence Cloud users.

To get started, simply choose one of the material template options below and fill in the required information.

Please email the completed templates to and we will begin creating your Fence Cloud database. If any questions arise during the process, our data specialists will reach out to you for further information. Chain Link, Vinyl, Ornamental and Wood materials are currently eligible for a complimentary estimating engine as well.


No, pricing is not required. Your company can choose to include a national list price or provide pricing through confidential pricing techniques, but it is not required. Fence Cloud is a powerful estimating tool that can be used to estimate without pricing.

No, simply alert us to the changes and we'll make the adjustments for you. We will also notify our customers when a manufacturer/supplier has updated their catalog.

Our data specialist can generate a set of part numbers for your database.

No, we do not charge customers per estimating engine or catalog.

Absolutely, estimators can easily add accessory products to an estimate within Fence Cloud. Having access to your catalog makes it easier for them to sell your materials.

Feel free to email us any questions that are not covered in the FAQ's provided below.

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