what is estimating software and do i need it

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what is estimating software and do i need it

What is estimating software?

Estimating software is any software that provides a compiled material list. Keep in mind that not all estimating software functions the same way. Some estimating software builds a material list from bundles of items that you associate with a drawing tool, and some build a list from items that you select on menus or run through a calculator. The problem with using any one method is that you receive a static output, which makes it difficult to accommodate for changes in post footings, gate fabrication, or alternate estimates for residential customers.

Fence Cloud is estimating software that can do something that no other cloud-based software can do on day one; It can "fence-stimate", because it is designed specifically for the fence industry.

It comes with estimating engines built with fence industry standards that combine all three estimating techniques to produce an extremely accurate material breakdown. The siteplan, material selections, and background calculations work together so that every estimate can be tailored to the job at hand.

Let’s break this down a little bit. Instead of using bundles of materials tied to a drawing tool, or selections from a menu, or a calculator that crunches numbers, the estimating engines use a combination of all three. This makes Fence Cloud extremely powerful and easy to use.

Best of all, you can skip the tedious setup that often accompanies generic estimating software. Fence Cloud comes preloaded with the appropriate calculations for multiple styles of fence and a library of manufacturers and suppliers.

Do I need estimating software?

If you spend several hours a week estimating fences during your busy season, then your company would probably benefit from some kind of estimating software.

Before signing up for any estimating software, we recommend that you consider the following...

  • What method of estimating is this software using?
  • Will I be expected to enter in the material calculations and parts?
  • How quickly can I begin estimating?
  • How long will it take me to train my staff on this estimating software?
  • Does this solution fit within our budget?
  • Will this software be able to grow with my company, or will I have to switch to something scalable down the road?

From experience, we recommend that you carefully consider all of your estimating options before signing up for any service. Get a demo and get your questions answered, then you can confidently choose the software that's right for you.

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