the importance of images in the fence industry

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the importance of images in the fence industry

We've all heard it before... “A picture is worth a thousand words”, which is why photos and marked-up images are playing an increasingly important role in our industry. Detailed sketches, shop drawings and brochures can help impress customers during a sale and adding notes to photos of a property can enhance communication within your team.

In Fence Cloud, we have prioritized image storage, markup, and organization. Not only will Fence Cloud auto-capture a job sketch for your estimate and auto-generate chain link and wood shop drawings, but it will also timestamp and log every file uploaded to the system. Uploaded images can easily be duplicated, marked-up, and even wiped clean to quickly restore the original file.

Photos, and other file types, can be uploaded within the job so that they are easily found and referenced when needed, but they are also searchable via tags. Tagging photos provides another important function: the ability to create custom photo galleries simply by filtering the gallery by a tag. Now photo galleries for prospective customers can be created as projects for current customers are documented.

Taking photos at the end of an installation is also a great way to reduce future liability. Since images in Fence Cloud are timestamped and stored in an easy to find location, they can be used to refute claims of damage that occur days or even weeks after installation was completed.

Whether you are using images to prevent liability, enhance communication or impress potential customers, there's no doubt that harnessing the power of images can be beneficial for any fence company.

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